Monday, 23 April 2012


 Many people,especially the youth do risk their lives in "GALLAMSEY" for many reasons.

 Some of these  reasons are as a result of penury, that's ,
making it difficult to make ends meet.Others include,unemployment,        
breaking homes,and lack of parental care and control and others
 Lack of skills and the use of unprotective equipment results in
many people getting injured or in some cases been killed in such

In an interview with some of the youth who are engaged
 in such activities,
they expressed their views as lack of job opportunities                       
 in their communities,                               
and the inability of the mining companies to perform their social 
responsibilities accordingly,therefore,risking their lives in illegal
mining,is what they get their daily bread from.

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With this,l dont see the reasons why "galamsey " should be a curse,
indeed,it is rather a blessing to some people in Ghana.
What do you think?


  1. It’s a serious issue indeed, the government must do something about this issue, many youths lost their lives in the process of illegal mining just because of little amount of money they earn from it. But they are no to be blame, because they only do this to survive, they get into it because they lack job, they get a lot of money, they hold on to it and refuse to stop. they have no choice since it their only way of getting money to survive in the environment, the government cannot stop these hazards by arresting them, what needed most is the regulations and enforcement to protect the life of the youth, the future and the environment. i think the government should provide a massive education and employment aid for the youth.

  2. you know, the most disgusting part of it is that, the small scale mining are giving to expatriates at the detriment of the citizens (indigenous).

    Because the indigenous people also see these resources as their birth right, they will by whatever means want to benefit from its wealth be it fair or foul.

    However, because their activities are unregulated and operate outside the law, they cause major environmental damage, use mercury for processing, de-vegetate indiscriminately and do not conduct reclamation of trenches and pits as the mining companies do hence, posing serious risk and danger.

  3. until we get good leadership who can think outside the box and get things right,we will continue to suffer from these paralysis. we seem not to get our priorities right as a nation and it is very embarrassing. how long will our people continue to suffer because God has given us minerals (gold) beneath. the question is, what is South Africa, Botswana,Algeria, and other African countries doing right in their mining industry that our leaders (policy makers) are not doing?

    let us have leaders with vision, those who have the welfare of the people at heart, leaders who who can drastically reduce the unemployment rate of its youth and can dream big. but not those who are in for their selfish gains and self-centered.

    i believe its all about policy direction and we will get things done.

  4. Just take a flight over Ghana and you will see the devastating effects of gold mining in general. The Chinese with their heavy equipment are destroying virgin forests with abandon. They make their money and leave and Ghanaians will be left with a toxic environment. Rivers are polluted, farm lands rendered barren and the cost in human lives unbearable. It is indeed a curse that can only be effectively handled by purposeful leadership in the country.

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